We have a registered COVID19 safety plan in place.

A few important things that we need you to be aware of include:

  • It is a condition of entry that all patrons must be double vaccinated to enter the Hotel.
  • It is a condition of entry that you check in using our QR Code registered with Service NSW. Our staff can assist you as required with this.
  • It is a condition of entry that face masks must be worn inside.
  • If you feel unwell, please stay at home and visit us at another time, when you feel better.
  • For the safety of everyone, if we believe that you exhibit any signs associated with COVID-19, then we can not allow you to enter the hotel. If you develop these signs after entering the hotel, we will ask you to leave.
  • You must adhere to social distancing requirements.
  • We have a greatly reduced capacity.
  • Help us to help you, by complying with all directions issued by our staff.

It sounds like a lot, but remember it’s not forever! If we work together we can keep the community safe and still have a good time.

Updated: 20 October 2021